How to write an assignment essay to the USA college

7 March 2020
By Roger Jones

Want to beat writers’ block? Or do you lack the motivation to start your paper? We can show you a way around this. If your assignment essay is becoming a headache, our guidelines are what you need. We realize that writing is a process and is different for every student. So, finding experts who can teach you strategies that suit the purpose of your essay is vital. Whether a grad or an undergrad, there are specific areas of your writing that need attention. These areas are essential to your productivity as a learner. Jumpstart your writing today with these simple strategies.

What is an assignment essay?

Understanding the structure and format of your assignment is essential. According to your tutor’s instructions, tasks can be in an essay or report format. It can also be a reflective paper demonstrating your grasp of the course concepts. So, if you want to craft so nice essays as writers from Perfectessay, always check assignment requirements. You must be asking, “what should an assignment essay look like?” Well, an essay has:

  • Introduction
  • Body with paragraphs
  • A conclusion
  • References

But, reports have extra parts. They include an abstract, a heading, sub-headings, recommendations, and appendices. Reflective papers can take various structures. Your assignment essay should also reflect the language of your discipline. Be objective throughout and use an academic voice. Contrasted with reports which provide information and solutions, try to convince the reader.

Check assignment examples

Looking at samples before you start to write an essay helps identify the paper’s areas of focus. They do this by helping you recognize content phrases or words. For example, criticizing something is different from critical evaluation. The former requires you to use evidence, samples, or reasoning to make a judgment. The latter involves weighing your arguments against or for something. Such process words help writers understand the prompt better. University of Nottingham detail more content words to help you in your essay. Examples also aid learners to focus on their topic. They also learn how to use vocabulary that is specific to their subject.

Plan your writing

With the limitations of word count, you need to order the information in your article. You also need to organize it so that your focus remains on the topic. Planning helps you meet both writing essentials. Expert authors confirm that writing doesn’t always follow a linear process. Sometimes you backtrack or go in circles. Although reading the question in detail gives you a good start, planning is also critical. There are three types of planning when writing. To boost your writing skills, choose the one that is best for you. Have a look.

  • Mind mapping- Use a mapping software application to organize your ideas. Examples include Mind Manager.
  • Spider Diagrams- the Main idea is at the center of the page. Others connect to it to show their relationship to the central one.
  • Outlines and Lists: Look at how your ideas follow each other. This type of planning helps you order your paragraphs. Then, you identify how the sections link to each other.

Research the topic

Always support your arguments or claims with evidence. The best way to do this is through research. While it is tedious, it is rewarding for you and the reader. Find a library database and search for current and relevant resources. The research process is intricate for some students. Often they are asking for someone to write my paper for cheap prices and haven’t found a premium service. You can now find research experts to help you identify the best sources for your assignment. But if you feel it is simple enough for you, consider these strategies:

  1. Begin by finding one source that has a bibliography
  2. Then, find more authors, reference lists, and keywords
  3. Use Boolean operators such as AND, OR, & NOT to expand or narrow your search. Date or language of publication also help with your search
  4. Note the keywords and database you use.
  5. Evaluate how much detail you need for the essay
  6. Select the best resources for use.

Experts online are also training on information literacy. Such webinars or tutorials are helpful to young learners. Learn how to locate, search for, retrieve, check, and use information materials. Information literacy is pivotal to useful research.

Ask a friend’s opinion

Fresh eyes help you in both revision and proofreading. Walden Writing Center gives a clear distinction between the two. The former involves finding and correcting significant errors in a paper. It may include reorganizing sentences or ideas to achieve a better flow. The latter entails identifying and amending local mistakes in English writing. A friend’s opinion can also make your ideas better. For example, friends help can refine your research topic from a broader angle to a specific issue.

Start with a conclusion

As stated earlier, writing is not always a linear process. Often, you have the idea of what you need the reader to pick from your essay but lack the details. So, instead of asking how to write an essay, how about you start with a conclusion. Push yourself beyond the limits of the prompt. Look at the bigger picture. Point out a broader implication of the ideas in your head. Finally, propose a solution.

Write from your heart

While addressing the prompt is important, personalizing your writing is also rewarding. Whether a writing assignment or college admission essay, remember to express yourself. It demonstrates that you can tie the learned concepts to real-life experiences. Do not be afraid to express your opinions and arguments in your writing. But ensure you backed them up with empirical evidence. Your content should connect with the reader. So, be original, consider your voice,  and have substance in your writing.


Students proofread their work in different ways. Some print out their essays so that they can make notes and underline mistakes. Others read out their papers out loud so that they may listen for errors. A few make corrections as they write while some read the essay backward. These strategies work for learners. So, choose a proofreading strategy that works best for you. You can also use tools like Grammarly to proofread your work.

Writing an assignment in college is elaborate. So, identify what works best for you. If you are a great planner, then plan your writing. But if you need help, then find writing help from verified experts. They will help you develop your writing skills and help you become an author. Start writing early or place your order now and get ahead of your academic goals.


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