Passengers are more important than profit says Clune

ELDERLY people and those with special needs are not getting the service they require, or deserve, when they fly in or out of Cork Airport.

“Airlines using Cork airport are refusing to use the airbridges available because they can’t achieve the required turnaround time. This is not acceptable. Cork airport is a new state of the art facility and customers of all abilities deserve better,” said Deputy Clune.

“The walk in the open air to and from the terminal is fine for the fit and able and fine in good weather but on a wet windy night it is a completely different story. Elderly passengers and those who are not as able have to climb two flights of steps up to the arrivals area. This falls so far short in terms of service to their customers and the traveling public are very frustrated at the fact that these air bridges are not being used.”

“I received a letter today from the director of the airport in response to a concern I raised with him about the use of these bridges. He confirmed for me that: ‘airline customers informed the Authority that they would not intend to use any airbridge facilities, as it impacted their ability to achieve aircraft ‘turn-around’ times, normally 25 minutes. Despite on-going discussions with airlines, this still unfortunately remains the case.”

“I intend to write to Aerlingus and Ryanair on this matter asking them to, at least, consider using these bridges for the last flight in at night. I also think that their customers should let them know what they think of this situation,” concluded Ms Clune.

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