Only Fine Gael have their finger on health says Allen

“Fine Gael’s FairCare plan to reform the Irish health service is the only coherent, thought out and costed alternative to the current PD-inspired two-tier health system”; That’s according to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Bernard Allen.

The Cork North Central TD said, “Fine Gael’s FairCare proposal is a real, workable and practical alternative for the future of Irish healthcare. It is based on proven ideas and it can be delivered.

“For 20 years health services in Ireland have been botched by Fianna Fáil. When they abdicated responsibility for health policy to the PDs things got even worse. The result is the current dysfunctional and inefficient management system and an increasing gap between the public and private sectors.

“Fine Gael’s FairCare plan will establish a comprehensive primary care network, slash waiting lists and introduce a system where money follows the patient. Central to the plan will be a system of universal health insurance and free GP care for all at the point of delivery.

“The people of Ireland need a proper health service and the health service needs radical and major reform. Fine Gael is the only party that has the plans in place to deliver on these two objectives.

“Within five years of taking office, Fine Gael pledges to deliver to the people of Ireland the type of health service they need and deserve. In these troubled times it is important for people to realise that there is hope and there is a real alternative to the Fianna Fáil disaster. Fine Gael’s proposals are realistic and with the people’s support they could transform the Irish health service in five years,” he said.

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