Rock Bingo wants to meet charities

Statement by Dave Barber on behalf of the Rock Bingo team.

We are glad to have received the clear and unambiguous ruling from the High Court that we are a lawful enterprise and now we must get on with the business of running Rock Bingo. We are looking forward to opening our doors again and welcoming our customers back for some bingo fun.

It has come to our attention through the media that some local organisations are concerned about the effect that our business will have on their own operations and fundraising initiatives.

We genuinely do not feel that we will end up competing with the concerned organisations including Neptune Basketball Club, Na Piarsaigh GAA Club, Glen Rovers GAA Club, Blue Demons Basketball Club and Gurranabraher Parochial Hall who apparently run their own bingo nights. We are quite sure that their members will continue to support their own club’s fundraising initiatives and if anything our bingo operation will reach quite a different audience and will probably make bingo an even more popular pastime in Cork as it is in many large cities. For example in Dublin bingo continues to be enjoyed in small clubs as well as in the larger professional operations.

We do have to point out our significant investment and the valuable contribution that we are making, creating 30 much needed jobs in the community and at the same time we will also benefit some deserving charities and non-profit organisations.

At all times we have made it clear that Rock Bingo are more than happy to work with deserving beneficiary partners who will hopefully benefit financially quite significantly from our operation. There are still opportunities for worthy charities and other non-profit organisations to come and talk to us and we are more than willing to meet deserving beneficiaries.

As proud natives of Cork it is really important to us that the significant financial benefit of being one of our beneficiary partners is enjoyed by the most deserving of Cork causes. We are going to take this time to invite submissions from charities and non-profit organisations who feel they are worthy causes that deserve the benefit of extra funds from Rock Bingo.

We will evaluate all submissions fairly and are more than happy to accept and discuss proposals from the mentioned organisations who feel we will affect them. We will give our full commitment to the chosen beneficiary partners to work with them proactively to maximise the financial fundraising opportunities for their worthy causes.

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