Clonakilty #WestCork could Flood again wans Town Mayor

10 July 2012
By Tom Collins

Cork County Council has released a report into the floods of two weeks ago.

At Monday’s ordinary meeting of its elected representative – the first since Thursday, June 28th. – the Council also passed a “Motion” calling on the Government to provide emergency funding for the areas devastated.

The 23-page report outlines the scale of the devastation: In Douglas 12 houses,100 businesses, and 2 community premises were flooded. In Glanmire, around 45 houses were flooded as were 10 units in the Hazelwood Shopping Centre. And in Clonakilty over 70 houses, and over 100 commercial premises were under up to 3 feet of water.

There was agreement that similar floods could happen again, unless something is done.

Clonakilty Mayor Cllr Cionnaith O’Suilleabhain of Sinn Fein travelled to County Hall and told our that – as the situation on the ground remains the same – the floods could happen again


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