Protest at Cork City Council Meeting [video]

Gardai were called to Cork City Hall this evening (Monday, 22nd October 2012) to remove protesters
who occupied the Council Chamber during a meeting.

The ordinary Council meeting, which takes place every 2 weeks, was interrupted just before 7pm
by two separate groups. One group was protesting cuts to “home help hours”, and the other was against the
controversial “household charge”.

The Lord Mayor adjourned the Council meeting after chants of “no more cuts”…. and “no way, we won’t pay” were heard.
Whistling and banging then began.

The meeting remained adjourned for half an hour and at 5 Gardai cleared the Public Gallery
of the vocal protesters, most of whom were attached to the household charge issue.

The Lord Mayor then resumed proceedings at 7.30pm and Councillors continued with their routine business.
Gardai remained outside the Chamber for the remainder of the meeting as a precaution

[Video was recorded while the Council meeting was adjourned. This is in accordance with the “standing orders”]

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