Socialist Party Cllr questions Govt household stats

Cork City Socialist Party Councillor Mick Barry has released figures which
show Cork people
ARE rebelling AGAINST the “household charge”, albeit only slightly.

A recent Dail reply to a Socialist Party TD from the Minister for the
Environment revealed that Nationally 73.3 percent of eligible households
have registered for the controversial charge, but the registration rate for
Cork city and County is at least 2 percent below the average.

Mick Barry is questioning even the official figures saying that they are
calculated incorrectly an non-compliance is higher than it appears.

The household charge is being renamed as the “Local Property tax” and
Mick Barry has slammed Fine Gael and Labour for threatening to roll any
household arrears into the newer tax.

Ultimately the Revenue Commissioners plan on taking payments from people’s
wages or social welfare if they don’t voluntarily pay either of the taxes.

There was a motion at this weeks meeting of Cork City Council calling on
the Government to stop short of taking money without consent,
but the motion was defeated.

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