Freedom of City is overused says former FF Lord Mayor

By David O’Sullivan

It emerged that “Cha and Miah” could be given the freedom of Cork City
this year,
but there’s disagreement within City Hall.

The ceremony will take place next month and Actors Frank Duggan and
Michael Twomey
along with Billa O’Connell are the favorites of the current Fine Gael
Lord Mayor John Buttimer.

However, several other City Councillors have expressed concern that
giving the honour to three
people in same year would dilute it’s status.

Meanwhile, former Lord Mayor Terry Shannon from Fianna Fail says the
Freedom of the City
has already become overused, he didn’t award any during his Mayor-ship
in 2012 and he
says it should be shelved for a few years to restore it’s exclusivity

Terry Shannon spoke to this evening

0510 FREEDOM-CITY 01 former lm terry shannon SAYS ITS TOO FREQUENT.mp3

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