City Cllr says Water Tax is still wrong


Workers’ Party Cork City Cllr Ted Tynan has said that the political
campaign against the property tax will continue but that the main
focus now must necessarily move to defeating the Water Tax, a battle
which, he said, is likely to include non-violent civil disobedience.

Councillor Tynan said that while the mass non-payment campaign in
relation to the Local Property Tax had been stymied by the involvement
of Revenue, the political campaign would continue. “The vast majority
of people who have paid the Property Tax, whether directly or through
the intervention of Revenue, have done so under duress. Hundreds of
thousands of people are seething with anger at this and the issue will
not go away”, he said.

“The real battle ahead”, said Cllr. Tynan, “is against the Water
Charges which, regardless of what the government says, is a prelude to
privatisation and ever higher charges. The collection of water
charges presents the government with a whole minefield of hurdles
which did not exist in relation to the Property Tax. Behind each of
those hurdles will be people resisting the water charges. The first
hurdle will be the installation of water meters and that battle is
about to begin. It may have got off to a quiet start in Maynooth but I
predict it will not stay quiet for long”.

“Water must never be turned into a commodity to be bought and sold for
profit. It is fundamental to human life and essential to human
hygiene and public health. It is the last frontier and while the
government may be smug about the Property Tax they will soon learn
that the anger of the people has not gone away. This battle isn’t
over, it has merely entered into a new phase”, said Cllr. Tynan

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