[Audio] Property Tax revenue from Cork has gone to Dublin – says SF

30th October 2013, Wednesday
By Tom O’Sullivan

Money raised in Cork from the “Local Property Tax” will NOT
necessarily be spent in Cork.

The tax is being collected by the Revenue Commissioners and the
Government had previously guaranteed that
80 percent of what was raised from residents of a particular City or
County would go back to that area to fund local services.

But it emerged last week that – for this year at least – the old
system of each Council having to lobby the Minister
for a share of the “Local Government Fund” will continue.

The Cork City Manager and Cork County Manager both indicated yesterday
to Councillors at their first meetings since the
the news that preparing this years budgets in December will be difficult.

Sinn Fein City Cllr Chris O’Leary is accusing the Government of
“conning” people into paying the property tax
on the “false promise” – he says – that what was raised in Cork would
stay in Cork

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