Taoiseach “Not Welcome” say UCC Sinn Féin

30th Janauary 2014
By Elaine Murphy

UCC Sinn Féin is set to protest against the visit of An Taoiseach,
Enda Kenny Friday morning. The theme of the protest is “The Shirts
off Our Backs”.
The UCC branch of the party believes that “the government has already
taken more from the people than they can afford. They have taken away
the right to a job for all graduates, easy access to a good quality
education, and money from student’s pockets by upping the grant
threshold and 3rd level fees. All that’s left to take is the shirts
off our backs.”

UCC Sinn Féin Chairperson Stephen Goulding describes Mr. Kenny’s visit
as “reminiscent of the government’s ignorance toward the plight of

“The current government has forced more and more young people away
from further education and away from our shores. For those who have
chosen to stay their options are bleak, and they have felt the greedy
hands of the government take from their pockets on more than one

“We are protesting in order to voice our anger, anger not only felt
by us, but by the wider student body. We have been robbed of our right
to an affordable education. We, the students have had promises reneged
upon, and we feel that this is beyond acceptable.”

UCC Sinn Féin will be protesting outside the Aula Maxima at 8.30am (Friday)

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