[Audio] Sinn Fein unhappy at UCC honoring “EU Austerity figure”

3rd March 2013, Monday
By Bryan Smyth

Opposition continues to mount over UCC’s decision to give the EC President
an Honorary Doctorate.

José Manuel Barroso is considered the most powerful figure in the European
and will visit UCC on Wednesday night to make a 30 minte speech and collect
the honour.

UCC president Michael Murphy says the university is acknowledging the role
that the European Union
has played in the transformation of Irish universities over the past 20

However, Sinn Féin MEP candidate for Ireland South Liadh Ní Riada
was in Cork this weekend and told TheCork.ie hat Mr Barroso is a strong
advocate of austerity
which led to student maintenance grants being cut, so his visit will be an
insult to struggling students

Her views echo those of Socialist Party City Councillor Mick Barry last

Protests are expected outside UCC this Wednesday night


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