[Audio] Taken in Charge in Cork

24th March 2014, Monday
By David O’Sullivan

More than 20-thousand residents of COUNTY Cork will benefit from a
decision approved at County Hall today.

The local authority has made the unprecedented move of taking over –
in BULK – the responsibility for footpaths, roads, and lighting in 170
private housing estates spread across the County.

It’s called “Taking in charge”.

When a private housing estate is built responsibility for common areas
rests with the developer, but in many cases a developer goes bust or
doesn’t live up to their responsibilities, leaving householders in
limbo when a road of footpath, or sewer needs to be fixed.

Another 100 estates remain on the list to be taken in charge in the
future, but Fianna Fail Cllr Seamus McGrath says today is a
“significant step in the right direction”, all other Councillors we
spoke to agreed


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