[Video] Cork based political movement CPPC Peoples Convention launches campaign

10th April 2014, Thursday
By David O’Sullivan

As a Journalist I first heard about The Peoples Convention at a meeting in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street in 2011, then the founder ran in the Seanad Elections of that year. The organisation has continued to exist, but lacks any elected representives in Local or National Government.

Earlier this week in front of the City Hall in Cork, the organisation called The People’s Convention launched its election campaign.

Also known by it’s Irish language acronym of CPPC the group is supporting 17 People’s Candidates in the local elections at the end of May.

Each candidate has signed what is referred to as THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT.

That obliges the candidates, if elected, to “stand by the people”, they have accepted obligation to “consult on every issue”.

It is not clear how that would work in practice, perhaps online? would there need to be a minimum “turnout” for each vote?
The thinking behind the concept is “fresh” a spokesman told TheCork.ie. Further, none of the candidates will accept the ‘pact’ or a Party ‘whip’, a method of work that is anti-democratic the spokesman continued.

The People’s Convention is not a registered political party, instead it is a “movement”. So technicaly it’s candidated are running as Independentsso Non-Party/NP will be next to their names on ballot papers.

The CPPC is headquarted in Cork, and it’s head is a Corkman.

TheCork.ie popped along to their launch on the steps of Cork City Hall this week…

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