Cork City Anti Austerity Alliance still against Water Charges

6th May 2014
By Bryan Smyth

The Government spin machine will go into overdrive in the next 24 hours to sell the new water charges package but ordinary voters will not be fooled.

The Anti Austerity Alliance believes that a number of key points must be highlighted:

  • The average starting price for the water tax will remain at 240 euro per household. This price will only rise as time goes by.
  •  The cost for the majority of households that do not include pensioners or those on invalidity or disability payments will now rise well above the 240 euro mark.
  • The changes to be announced for pensioners and those on invalidity and disability payments are likely to be temporary sweeteners, introduced now to smooth the introduction of the package but pared back or jettisoned entirely in years to come.

The Anti Austerity Alliance has predicted that the package will not save the Government parties from a drubbing in elections on May 23 and, in particular, has restated its belief that Labour will pay a heavy price at the polls for its support for water charges.

The Anti Austerity Alliance are standing 4 candidates here in Cork and 40 nationally with opposition to the water tax at the centre of its manifesto.
Anti Austerity Alliance candidate for the Cork City North West ward Marion O’Sullivan said this morning:
“The majority of households will now be paying more than 240 euro as a result of this deal. And once the tax is introduced the annual charge will only increase. It is very likely that the average household will be charged close to 500 euro for water within a couple of years. The Government spin machine can spin all they want but ordinary voters will not be fooled and the Government parties and Labour in particular will pay a heavy price at the polls.”

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