[Audio] People power stops Irish Water says Election candidate

15th May 2014
By David O’Sullivan

A candidate for the “Anti Austerity Alliance” in Cork
is calling on people on the Northside of the City to oppose the
installation of water metres,
just like people in a number of Togher estates have recently.

Lil O’Donnell is running in Cork North central for seat on the City Council.

She describes yesterday’s decision by Irish Water to remove five water
meters from the
Ashbrook Estate in Togher as a “humiliating climbdown”
for the company which shows that ordinary people can take a stand, and
win, she says.

Contractors for Irish Water haven’t yet started work on the Northside,
and a number of sources have indicated to TheCork.ie that when
that time comes a large scale protest is planned.

Lil O’Donnell says householders should be willing to say “no” to the
Government and Irish water


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