[Video] Tiger arrives at Fota

29th May 2014
by David O’Sullivan

People in East Cork this weekend on will have the chance to see a “Tiger
in the woods”, and it does have something to do with Golf !

Fota Wildlife Park is expanding.
Part of a new 27 acre wooded “Asian Sanctuary” is opening this Saturday

The Tiger section is right next to the Fota Golf Resortwhere the Irish Open
will take place in 3 weeks time.

The extension has Sumatran tigers which are endangered in the wild, and
they soon be joined by Asian lions, and an Indian Rhino.

Fota is one of Ireland’s top 10 tourist attractions with 370-thousand
visitors a year, and tourists who visit from outside Cork spend 147 million
in the region.

Fota Wildlife Park is a non-profit registered charity whose goal is to
protect animals on site, and abroad by funding conservation work

Head of Marketing Stephen Ryan says they welcome donations, and it is the
“day to day” ticket-revenue from visitors that keeps the park alive


Here a warden explains to TheCork.ie some details of a house in which massive butterflies are allowed to roam

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