[Audio] Cork City Mayoral agreement is NOT a “pact” says Sinn Fein

9th June 2014, Monday
By David O’Sullivan

The new Lord Mayor of Cork City is beginning her first week in office

Fianna Fail Cllr Mary Shields was elected on Friday evening at the AGM of
the CITY Council.


Fianna Fail’s Cllr Kenneth O’Flynn has been elected as Deputy Lord Mayor

Sinn Fein are on the defensive over their part in the election.

An agreement was reached just before Friday’s meeting between Fianna Fail,
Sinn Fein, and a number of Independents,
to use the D’Hondt system to rotate the Mayoralty among ALL groups, even
those that didn’t agree.

Under the system Sinn Fein will have the Lord Mayor’s seat for the symbolic
2016 Easter Rising Centenary.


However, Sinn Fein have come in for criticism for entering into- what some
say – is an agreement with Fianna Fail

Anti Austerity Alliance Cllr Mick Barry who was against the D’Hondt system
says Sinn Fein voters will be disappointed

Sinn Fein’s leader on council is Chris O’Leary He told TheCork.ie that that
D-Hondt is “NOT a pact”


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