[Audio] Celebrity civil partnership in Cork today

20th June 2014, Friday
By David O’Sullivan

Celebrity solicitor Gerard Keane will be in Cork this afternoon as the Best
Man for a much publicised ceremony.
Lisa Murphy will be Best Lady.

Two Cork businessmen will be joined together in civil partnership this
afternoon in the City Centre.

Michael Mulcahy and Jonathan Smith

Michael is well known as the Publisher of “Hi Magazine” and is also
Honorary Consul of Poland

The invitation only ceremony takes places at the Cork Vision Centre, at
2.30pm with a reception afterwards in the Imperial Hotel.
attendees will walk through the English Market in what some are describing
as “the celebrity event of the summer”

Among the 250 guests will be the British Ambassador and Polish Ambassador.

The Deputy Lord Mayor Fianna Fail Cllr Kenneth O’Flynn is also looking
forward to being a guest


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