[Audio] City Manager/CEO appointment delayed

25th June 2014, Wednesday
By David O’Sullivan

Cork City Councillors have taken an unprecedented decision to delay
the appointment of the City’s new Chief Executive or City Manager

Historically the elected Councillors would have rubber-stamped
whatever name was recommended by by the Public Appointments Service
but on Monday night Councillors instead voted for a 2 week delay so
they can have an informal meeting with CEO-in-waiting Ann Doherty to
“explore her vision for the city”

Fianna Fail Cllr Tom O’Driscoll said the last four City Managers had a
record in local government and were known to Councillors, but this is
not the case with CEO-in-waiting Ann Doherty who specialised in the
Health Sector


Anti Austerity Alliance Cllr Lil O’Donnell used last nights Council
meeting to highlight the how the the high 143-thousand euro salary of
the Chief Executive position differs greatly from the low payments
that will be made to workers being recruited under the controversial
government “Gateway Scheme” where jobseekers effectively work for 1
euro an hour.

Former Lord Mayor Terry Shannon of Fianna Fail says Cllrs need to know
who they are appointing


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