[Audio] Anti Austerity Alliance now tackling Housing

2nd July 2014, Wednesday
By Tom O’Sullivan

The Houshold Charge, The Property Tax, The Water Charge, and now… The Housing List:

The Anti Austerity Alliance (previously known as the Socialist party) are now tackling this.

The first of four public meetings across Cork and County organised by the Anti Austerity Alliance (AAA) will be held tonight.

The Government’s new Housing Bill 2014 will soon to be signed into the law.

It will move people off the traditional rent allowance onto a new so-called “Housing Assistance Payment”

The Alliance are accusing the Government of massaging the housing list figures, because this payment will appear to take 3000 people off Cork
City’s Housing waiting list, but in reality they will still be in need of housing.

Tonight’s meeting takes place in the SMA Hall in Wilton at 8pm

City Cllr Mick Barry is leading the campaign


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