[Audio] New Cork City manager to meet Cllrs this evening

11th July 2014
By Elaine Murphy

Cork City Council will move a step closer this evening to appointing a
new CEO, or City Manager.

The name of Ann Doherty was selected by the Public Appointments
Service many weeks ago, but at their last ordinary meeting the 31
Elected Cork City Councillors chose to delay their rubber stamping of
the appointment because they had not met Ms. Doherty.

Councillors took the unprecedented decision to delay their vote until
a meeting could be arranged.

This evening: party whips, and leaders and the Lord Mayor will meet
the incoming CEO at a location outside of City Hall for a brief and
informal discussion.

Then, on this Mondays meeting when Councillors are asked to vote again
they are expected to approve the appointment of Miz Doherty as the new
CEO, the first female city manager in Cork’s history.

Speaking to TheCork.ie at the council meeting 3 weeks ago Former Lord
Mayor Terry Shannon explained why Councillors wanted to meet the new


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