[Audio] Elected Councillors on collision course with unelected CEO over Events Centre?

15th July 2014, 10am
By David O’Sullivan

After lengthy debate at Cork City Council last night the people of Cork are
none the wiser about “when, where, and if” an indoor events centre might be
built in Cork!

It’s been reported in the media that the only tender received for a 6
million euro kick-start construction fund was from Heineken Ireland and Bam
Contractors for the Old Beamish Brewery site
on South Main Street.

However, officials in City Hall have been refusing to comment about a
timeline for the process of awarding any monies.

City councillors had been told that they would receive a report, but at
last nights meeting the Acting city manager or CEO Dan Buggy backtracked
and said he would NOT be commenting on the situation in the short term….

TheCork.ie Reporter David O’Sullivan has more details from City Hall


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