[Audio] Cork City Council to tackle Graffiti

1st September 2014
By Bryan Smyth

There are calls to stop the sale of spray paint cans to people under
18 in Cork City.

It’s after the new stage Fitzgerald’s Park was defaced with Graffiti.

The white canopy was installed during the revamp of Fitzgerald’s Park which
was judicially opened just 3 months ago,
Now council are waiting for expert advice on how to remove the paint from
the landmark structure.

The Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork City Kenneth O’Flynn is proposing a New
York-style bye-law to stop the sale of spray paint to
people under the age of 18.

Meanwhile City Hall is running public service announcements this week in
the media highlighting the 150 euro fine for Graffiti.

Cllr O’Flynn says there is a thriving legitimate graffiti culture in the
City, but vandalism needs to be tackled, and he’s willing to
consider a voluntary code of practice as an alternative to bye-laws to
address the undesirable under culture


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