[Audio] Anti Austerity Alliance accuse Irish Water of “sugar coating” usage estimates

16th September 2014
By Tom O’Sullivan

Bills for household water will start arriving in the first quarter of next year,
and a Cork City Councillor is warning they will be “far higher” than
Irish Water estimates indicate.

Cllr Mick Barry from the Anti Austerity Alliance is accusing Irish
Water of deliberately UNDERestimating the number of litres
an average person will use every day for the sake of good PR.

Irish Waters estimates – he says – are based on a person using 119
litres of water per day
yet a National Water Study from independent consultants says Irish
people will use at least 146 litres

Cllr Barry says the underestimates mean that a household of 2 adults
will pay around 100 euro more than Irish Water are saying.
and a 4 adult household could have to pay 400 euro more.


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