[Audio Interview] New book showcases aerial photographs of Cork

19th December 2014
By David O’Sullivan


When Dennis Horgan got his first camera at 18 he washooked. When Cork Airport opened in 1962 he plane spotting, and in more recent years he’s been a familiar name in the air. Now Dennis Horgan has a new book showcasing Cork with aerial photogrpahs.

Reporter David O’Sullivan asked Dennis about his interest in the artform and how the book was developed.

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Photographer Dennis Horgan
Photographer Dennis Horgan

Cork is renowned for the spectacular beauty and variety of its landscape – from the ruggedness of the west of the county to the fertile lowlands of the east. In these striking aerial photographs Dennis Horgan shows us Cork city and county from a rarely seen and often unusual perspective. During extensive flights, he turned his lens to patterns not visible at ground level, transforming a ploughed field or a waterfront of containers into a work of art, and captures the explosion of colour as emerald-green headlands meet sapphire seas. So take a tour of Cork’s diverse landscape of coastline and mountain, rivers and lakes, ancient castles and its colourful, vibrant city and towns.

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