“We won’t pay”

10th February 2015
By Elaine Murphy

More than 200 people attended a rally in the Metropole Hotel last night to
launch the We Won’t Pay water charges non-payment campaign in the Cork

The campaign aims to bring the boycott message to communities, streets and
households across Cork city and county in the runup to the issuing of water
charges bills at the start of April.

Anti Austerity Alliance TD Ruth Coppinger that yesterday’s arrest of Paul
Murphy TD and three other anti water charges campaigners was an attempt to
discredit and intimidate the water protest movement but predicted that
opposition to the charges would harden in the wake of yesterday’s arrests
and that mass non-payment of the bills will put Irish Water and the
Government onto the ropes. The meeting unanimously passed a motion
condemning the arrests.

Ruth Coppinger TD told the meeting: “If you refuse to pay they cannot
disconnect your water, they cannot deduct it from your income and they
cannot fine you or penalise you until summer of 2016 – after the next
General Election. You can refuse to pay the first four bills without any
fine or penalty ensuing. If we get this message out there we can achieve
mass nonpayment and put Irish Water, the Government and their hated water
charges right onto the ropes.”

The meeting unanimously passed the following motion: “This meeting
condemns the arrest of Paul Murphy TD, Cllr Kieran Mahon, Cllr Mick Murphy
and Scott Masterson in Dublin this morning. This meeting is opposed to
political policing and views these arrests as a cynical attempt to
discredit the anti-water charges movement. We insist that no charges are
brought against any of these men. We agree to send the content of this
motion and solidarity greetings to the four arrested campaigners.”

We Won’t Pay will organise mass leafleting on St Patrick’s Street this
Saturday 2-4pm.

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