Courts unable to pursue unpaid water bills

13 April 2015
By Bryan Smyth

Anti Austerity Alliance councillor Mick Barry this morning said that there are strong and growing indications that Irish Water may be unable to collect the water charge if people simply refuse to pay it.

His comments came in the wake of yesterday’s SUNDAY TIMES revelation that the Courts Service has warned the Department of Environment that pursuing householders who do not pay their water charges through the courts would place an “excessive burden” on the system which is already “overstretched”.

Cllr Barry said this morning: “We already knew that it was highly unlikely that people were going to be brought before the courts in the run-in to a General Election, now we see that the courts system would be unable to deal with the volume of cases after it. This Government will be powerless in the face of mass non-payment of the charge and a mass boycott can force the next Government to abolish it.”

With the first Cork bills expected to drop this week more than 2000 people marched with the We Won’t pay campaign through the streets of Cork city on Saturday to support a mass boycott of the bills. Protests held in Cork and Limerick on Saturday were the first street protests held in the state since bills began to drop last Wednesday.

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