Ratings improve at Cork’s RedFM

10 May 2015
By Elaine Murphy

There were celebrations in Cork’s RedFM earlier this month.

The stations flagship talk show presented by Neil Prendeville continues to attract listeners, while the rival show on Cork’s 96FM presented by PJ Coogan looses them.

Beyond that the drivetime programme on RedFM has passed out its counterpart on Cork’s 96FM.

This level of excitement reminds us at TheCork.ie of a period of time in 2002 when RedFM was still new, and American accented Charlie Wolfe was presenting a nightly chat show. That show was the talk (literally!) of the 15-25 age group at that time. Alas, 2002 was before YouTube and broadband, so we can provide you with no enriched content to demonstrate the liveliness of that show.

So in 2002, things were going well, but RedFM then went thought a bad patch, so how long will this months good ‘noos’ last? Listeners, just like all consumers these days seem to have a loyalty that is as strong as a chocolate teapot on a sunny day. Similarly how long will the ‘New’ prefix last in the Cork’s RedFM logo?


Congratulations to RedFM, its positive to see healthy competition in the radio marketplace. How will other stations respond? This depends on what the strenghts of RedFM are. Market Research is needed for a detailed answer.

RedFM Facts and figures (JNLR figures released May 2015):

  • The first full book to reflect 12 months of Red’s new schedule (April 2014 to March 2015) has seen the following incredible increases in one year:
  • Market share (all adults 7am-7pm) increased 120% or 10.2 percentage points from 8.5% in Mar 2014 to 18.7% in March 2015.
  • Average Quarter Hours increased 115% from 11,600 (2.8%) to 24,900 (6%)
  • Listened yesterday (all adults) increased 63% from 68,000 (17%) to 111,000 (27%)
  • Weekly Reach (all adults) increased 46% from 114,000 (28%) to 166,000 (40%)
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