Controversy Over LGBT Pride Flag Flying Over Cork City Hall

13 May 2015
By David O’Sullivan


Anti Austerity Alliance councillor Mick Barry has said that AAA councillors would strongly oppose any attempt to take the LGBT pride flag down from Cork City Hall.

His comments came after Fianna Fail councillor Terry Shannon called on Cork City Chief Executive Ann Doherty to remove the flag at Monday night’s meeting of Cork City Council.

The LGBT pride flag is currently flying over Cork City Hall to mark the city’s 5th LGBT Awareness Week.

Cllr Shannon is quoted in this morning’s IRISH EXAMINER: “I believe, as a corporate body, we should not have a flag like that hanging over City Hall when the referendum is on. Either we put up two flags or we take this one down.”

However, Cllr Barry said “The LGBT pride flag is a flag which symbolises the struggle of the gay community across the globe as it tackled generations of oppression and second class citizenship. Why on earth would Terry Shannon want it taken down? And if he wants a second flag put up what exactly would that second flag be? I’m not aware that those who want second class citizenship for the gay community have a specific flag but if they did I certainly wouldn’t want it flying over the City Hall.”

Cork City Council has in recent times passed motions calling for a Yes vote in the marriage equality referendum.

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