Kelleher urges Cork voters to back Yes campaign in Marriage Referendum

19 May 2015
By Tom O’Sullivan

Cork North-Central Fianna Fáil TD Billy Kelleher is calling on all party members and supporters in Cork to vote Yes on the Marriage Equality referendum on Friday.

Deputy Kelleher commented: “Friday’s vote will be a hugely historic moment for Ireland. I believe a strong Yes vote in Cork and across the country will be very important. I’m urging people who support my party and all voters in Cork to give their support to the Marriage Referendum proposal. We can never reach a moment where we say that our laws and attitudes must now be frozen in time. It is important that we do not sit back and be satisfied with the rights we hold while those rights are denied to others.

“This will be the first opportunity to vote for many young people in Cork who have registered specifically to cast their vote on this referendum.

“The latest polls show that the Marriage Referendum hinges on voter turn-out, particularly among the younger generation. With just a few days to go, now is the time to make travel plans so that no one finds themselves stuck on Friday without a way to get to their polling station.

“Ireland was founded on a principle of equality for all. I firmly believe that holding true to that ideal means voting Yes on Friday. This would go a long way towards removing the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds homosexuality in Ireland, and causes so much pain to young gay people as they struggle to be accepted by society.

“This is a hugely important moment for Ireland. We have the opportunity to send out a message loud and clear that we believe all couples deserve equal rights regardless of their sexuality, and that all young people are valued and accepted equally by our society regardless of their sexuality.”

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