‘Don’t pay water charges’ urges Cork City Councillor

15 July 2015
By Bryan Smyth


Anti Austerity Alliance councillor Mick Barry this morning called on households across the country to refuse to pay the second bill to Irish Water after news broke last night that 57% of households didn’t pay their first bill (a total of 825,000 households).

Cllr Barry said that there was now no point in households paying bills for a water charge which is on its way to being defeated: “When the water charge is abolished those who have paid are not going to be refunded so people should save their money and refuse to pay a single penny more to Irish Water.”

He said the levels of non-payment are “staggering” and that the Government is now “on the ropes” on the issue. He remarked that Maggie Thatcher’s poll tax had been sunk with a lower level of non-payment (45%) in 1990.

Cllr Barry said that if the water charge is not abolished before the General Election it will now become the major issue in the election itself and will drag down the Government parties.

Cllr Barry has been a vocal campaigner for the boycott of water charges as a leading figure in both the Anti Austerity Alliance and the We Won’t Pay campaign.

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