Cork Anti Austerity Cllr calls on Sinn Fein and Right to Water coalition to clarify their positions

17 July 2015
By David O’Sullivan


Anti Austerity Alliance Cork City councillor Mick Barry this morning called on both Sinn Fein and the Right to Water coalition to issue a call to the public for a mass nationwide boycott of the second round of Irish Water bills.

Councillor Barry said: “If 57% non-payment of the first round of Irish Water bills could be achieved while Sinn Fein and the Right to Water coalition were not calling for a mass boycott imagine what could be achieved in terms of boycott of the second round of bills if both organisations were to now issue calls in support of the mass non-payment campaign.”

Councillor Barry said that the Anti Austerity Alliance had been to the forefront in the campaign for mass boycott of the charges but that if Sinn Fein and the Right to Water coalition were to now come out in support of the boycott it could “tip the balance” and result in a boycott so large that water charges would be scrapped sooner rather than later.

He said: “The Government’s water charges project lies wounded and bleeding after the blows rained down on it by the hundreds of thousands of households who have boycotted the first bill. All sections of the anti water charges movement should now row in behind the boycott and use their authority and resources to try and strengthen the boycott and increase the pressure for the abolition of the charge.”

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