Cork Greyhound races to be televised

19 August 2015
By David O’Sullivan


The expansion of Irish Greyhound racing continues, from two weeks time punters will be able to see races on television.

Earlier this summer, the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) and Turf TV excitedly announced a new partnership, expanding the audience for Irish Greyhound Racing throughout the UK and Ireland. The initial 12 week trial period begins on 1st September, with the IGB amending racing schedules in 3 stadia to facilitate – Curraheen Park, Youghal and Mullingar.

The honour of being the first to feature falls to Curraheen Park in Cork, with racing from 7pm on Tuesday 1st September. During the trial period, racing in the stadium will move from Thursday to Tuesdays, but will be reinstated on 26th November in time for the Christmas Party season.

Racing schedule from 1st September 2015:

Curraheen Park, Cork – Tuesday (1st Race at 7pm), Friday and Saturday (1st Race at 8pm & 7.40pm respectively)
Youghal – Monday (1st Race at 7pm)
Mullingar – Saturday (1st Race at 7.45pm) and Sunday (1st Race at 3.14pm)

The IGB is the regulatory body for greyhound racing in the Republic of Ireland, and during 2014 held 18,630 races at its 17 racetracks. Turf TV is a subscription channel distributing quality horse racing to over 10,000 licensed betting offices in the UK and Ireland. In October, the audience will expand to include a further 4 million online users with the facility to view the racing live.

Speaking at the announcement in June, Michael Conlon, Sales Director at Turf TV said “We are very excited about working together to grow Irish greyhound racing both in our core domestic market and internationally, and we are very confident that it will be a prestigious and attractive additional offering for our customers”.

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