Who is Senator Paul Bradford?

20 October 2015
By Tom O’Sullivan


If you look at newspapers in Cork you will see mention mostly of the names of TDs, and occasionally you will see the names of Senators,
but one name we have rarely seen reported about is “Senator Paul Bradford”. His residence used to be near Mallow, but then he moved to Dublin we understand.

We were surprised to see today a press release saying Paul Bradford would be running in the General Election (to become a TD) in Cork East. His media profile in Cork is limited.

The press release itself was about housing and appears below:

RENUA Ireland Senator Paul Bradford has expressed the concern that almost three thousand perfectly good council homes are presently lying idle because of bureaucratic red-tape.

Speaking at a Seanad commencement debate the Senator said

‘‘Joined up thinking is urgently required to ensure Ireland maximizes our housing resources to deal with the current escalating rental and homelessness crisis.

It is a matter of grave concern in particular that the slow turn-over of council houses is contributing unwittingly to the present crisis in accommodation.

In Cork for example there are almost seven hundred vacant council homes.

Within the towns of Cork East there are more than a dozen vacant council homes which are empty at any particular moment in time.

A key factor in this is the length of time it takes to allocate tenants to vacant houses which are perfectly fit for occupation.

When I recently inquired if a newly vacant house would be available by the end of November I was astonished to be told the vacancy would not be filled until February or March at the latest.

Greater efforts will have to be made and pragmatism as much as imagination is required to resolve this issue.

The scandal where council homes lie empty whilst people sleep in streets must end.

Homelessness is not a nine to five problem and will not be solved by nine to five style solutions or administration.

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