Rift develops between Sinn Fein and Anti Austerity Alliance in Cork North Central

10 November 2015
By Elaine Murphy

The Anti Austerity Alliance this morning criticised Sinn Fein’s stated reason for running a second candidate in Cork North Central and said that their actions risked splitting the vote against the austerity parties (FF,FG,Lab) in the constituency.

The statement came after an extraordinary interview in last night’s Evening Echo by Sinn Fein TD Jonathan O’Brien in which he said the decision to run a second candidate had in part been made to challenge the AAA’s Mick Barry.
Picture above: Cllr Mick Barry
The article reads: “Part of the reason that Sinn Fein is running two is due to the Anti Austerity Alliance saying it wouldn’t do a deal with the party to enter government.”  Jonathan O’Brien is then quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, in Cork North Central Mick Barry said he would not enter a government with Sinn Fein.”
Anti Austerity Alliance TD Joe Higgins said this morning:  “Mick Barry would make an outstanding TD for working class people in the next Dail.  Sinn Fein’s admission that they have decided to run a second candidate in an attempt to prevent his election will jar with many people who want to see a strong independent Left voice in the next Dail.”
On the issue of the formation of the next Government Cllr Mick Barry said this morning: “The Anti Austerity Alliance want to see Fine Gael and Labour hammered at the next election and replaced with a genuine left-wing government.  But unfortunately Sinn Fein continue to keep the door open for coalition arrangements with Fianna Fail and Labour.  Having voted for a Fianna Fail Mayor at City Hall last year Sinn Fein may well end up voting for Fianna Fail Ministers in the Dail next year.  The AAA will not be urging transfers for any party which is prepared to put either Fianna Fail or Labour back in power.  We will campaign for the maximum independent Left representation in the next Dail and urge transfers for candidates who back the boycott of water charges, rule out coalition deals with the austerity parties and take clear left positions on the issues facing working class people.”


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