Anti Austerity Alliance select Fiona Ryan as General Election candidate for Cork South Central

30 November 2015
By David O’Sullivan

The Anti Austerity Alliance has selected Fiona Ryan to represent it at the General Election in Cork South Central.

The decision was made after the AAA’s original candidate Rose Leadbetter stepped back from the candidacy for person reasons.

Fiona Ryan is a well-known women’s rights and pro-choice campaigner in Cork and recently played a key role in bringing the abortion pill bus – a bus advertising how abortion pills can be accessed from the Republic of Ireland – to Cork.

Fiona Ryan said this morning that she would make the declaration of a housing emergency, the abolition of water charges and the repeal of the 8th Amendment important parts of her election stance.

She said: “The recent rent control measures introduced by the Government are weak and insufficient to stop rampant profiteering by landlords. The country needs much stronger rent control measures as well as a massive social housebuilding programme to increase supply and drive down the price of rent. I support the declaration of a housing emergency to allow measures such as these to be taken to tackle the crisis.”

She said: “Women who are currently of childbearing age have never had the chance to vote on the 8th Amendment which was passed 32 years ago. Forcing women with unwanted pregnancies to travel abroad in secrecy and shame is effectively Government policy and needs to be ended. I want a society which respects and trusts women to make a choice on these matters and removing the 8th Amendment from the Constitution is the first step that needs to be taken.”

The Anti Austerity Alliance will contest Cork North Central and Cork East at the General Election as well as Cork South Central and along with People Before Profit will contest approximately 30 constituencies nationwide.

Fiona Ryan
Fiona Ryan
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