Cork County Council makes library membership free, but sure it was only €2.50 per year anyhow!

6 January 2016
By Bryan Smyth

Economic Update
Independent Commentary

How would you like to save €2.50? per year? meh, you could take it or leave it, my thoughts exactly.

‘Joining the Library’ isin’t exactly high on the list of most people, and it’s not through a lack of interest in reading; it’s just that there is so much content online it hardly seems worth the shoe leather and time to make the trip these days.


Nevertheless, Cork County Council have announced the abolition of library membership fees. The fees have been removed from the website, but through the magic of the Internet Archive we can confirm they used to come in at only €2.50 per year, but hey! free is better than fee, right?

Why has this announcement been made now? Does Cork County Library feel guilty about the recent floods, or perhaps has it succumbed to political pressure from some candidate who is running in the General Election who is currently a Councillor? who needs something positive to say about the local authority on the doorsteps?

It matters little we must welcome this great news, if if even encourages only one child or adult to join and enjoy the wonders of reading it has been worthwhile.

With 28 branches countywide, you certainly will be able to access your local library and browse the variety of publications on offer. Cork County Library will also endeavour to fulfil a stock request if you are in search of a particular book. Over 70,000 stock requests are fulfilled every year to library members.  Cork County Library also has 4 mobile libraries on the road serving approximately 400 stops on a fortnightly basis, making access as convenient as possible to the people of Cork County.


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