Cork Senator Paul Bradford of RENUA wants to restore Town Councils

18 January 2016
By Elaine Murphy

RENUA Ireland Senator Paul Bradford (originally from Mallow, but now living in Dublin) has revealed that the restoration of town councils is a red-line issue for RENUA Ireland in any post election negotiations.

Senator Paul Bradford has a low profile.
Senator Paul Bradford has a low profile, but things change quickly in politics.

Mr Bradford said

”One of the most regressive measures of the last Coalition was the axing of town councils.

In the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen the voice of citizens in small Irish towns was stilled.

Our belief in the primacy of people in government and in a real politics of openness and transparency will inform our position on this issue.

This might seem to be a minor issue in Dublin.

But in rural Ireland it is a matter of real importance and a source of genuine anger.

Returning power and control to local communities over their own lives is a red-line principle for RENUA Ireland.

The restoration of the Town Council will play a central role in our plans to re-energize local government.

These were abolished as a facile act of populism.

The abolition to date has caused more harm than good.

RENUA Ireland will restore town councils as a priority.

Such town councils will be given designated powers which will allow them represent the concerns of local people.

This process will allow a scenario to evolve where detachment and lack of trust will be replaced with consultation.

Our changes to local government will assist in developing the concept of people having ownership of the communities where they live.

Town councils will be elected by a ballot of the relevant town or area and would not involve remuneration.

This council will have a statutory input into all local government responsibilities.

Our new structure will put transparency and accountability at the heart of Local Government.”

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