Recycling charge = stealth charge?

1 February 2016
By Elaine Murphy

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has criticised the Government’s plans to introduce a new recycling charge, as yet another flat rate, stealth tax.

Sinn Féin General Election Candidate County Councillor Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire
Sinn Féin General Election Candidate County Councillor Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire

Cllr Ó Laoghaire said “It is as though the Government has learned nothing from the Property Tax and Water Charges. They appear to be determined to make our taxation system more and more regressive.”

“Most of the increase in taxes and charges during the recession did not take account of income, and were flat rate in nature, and that is why people were so determined to oppose them. This has disproportionately hit low and middle income earners.”

“People understand taxation is necessary, to pay for services, but the least they expect is that taxation is levied in a fair way, that those who can afford the most pay their fair proportion.”

“This charge is right from the same playbook. Apparently, they are not yet finished with these flat rate charges, and it looks like people will now have to pay for the contents of their recyclable waste.”

“Sinn Féin right from the outset expressed serious concern that the privatisation of bin collections would lead to charges rising ever upwards. This prediction has come to pass, to the detriment of ordinary citizens. At the same time the Government has failed to deliver on its Programme for Government Commitment to a National Bin Waiver scheme.”

“Of course this makes no environmental sense either, as the huge increase in domestic recycling is now being disincentivized, this is a regressive move. It may even increase the rate of illegal dumping, already a blight on many areas, though I hope it will not.”

“This is another kick in the teeth for ordinary citizens who have had to carry the largest burden during the recession, and who have yet to feel any benefit from the recession. I have no doubt the 98,000 families in mortgage distress will read this news with dread.”

“Tax is important, but it has to be fair, and provide the right incentives. This Government is moving our taxation system in a regressive direction all the time and this is just further evidence of it.”

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