There’s a brand of Crisps called “Corkers” but you can’t buy them in Cork… yet

3 February 2016
By David O’Sullivan

A Google search for “Cork” can bring up some surprising results. Most will relate to the wonderful southern City of Cork, Ireland and others will relate to the Southern County of the same name.

But, there are also other results that pop up on the internet.

Firstly, there is a type of Nike shoe, made from Cork (the material that used to be used as stoppers in wine bottles before plastic took over!)

and now, I am pleased to have found a type of crisp containing the word Cork

It’s a small English brand, here’s their logo

Corker's Crisps logo
Corker’s Crisps logo

I feel if the brand was imported into Ireland it would sell well, but the slogan might need more Cork-ishness!

corkers crisps photoshopped

The brand is aware of the existence of Cork, Ireland and someone recently tweeted some of their bags in Cork’s well known English Market

Corkers Crisps are made at Willow Farm, Pymoor Common, Little Downham, Ely, CB6 2WA, England. is today calling on the powers that be to import these potentially fine crisps to Cork 🙂

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