Sinn Féin in government would give Cork City families a real break – says Cork TD

8 February 2016
By Bryan Smyth

Sinn Féin TD for Cork North Central Jonathan O’Brien has said that a priority for a Sinn Féin led government would be to give families in Cork City a real break, including those who are self employed.


Deputy O Brien stated that Sinn Féin will abolish the Local Property Tax, scrap water charges and take 277,000 workers out of the USC bracket.

He said;

“During their time in office, Fine Gael and Labour Party TD such as Dara Murphy and Kathleen Lynch supported budgets that have ring-fenced the wealth of those the most well-off in society. To pay for this they placed a huge burden on average workers and families in Cork City and they left thousands of people on hospital trolleys. 1,500 children are in emergency accommodation throughout the state.

“In stark contrast, Sinn Féin wants to see a fair recovery for the people of Cork and we want to ensure it is sustainable. In government, we will introduce a progressive tax system. We will ease the burden on ordinary workers and families, including those who are self-employed, and ask those who earn the most to pay their fair share.

-We will abolish the Local Property Tax, saving 1.8 million homeowners an average of €244 per year.

-We will scrap water charges, saving a family of two adults €260 per year.

-We will remove 277,000 workers from the USC.

-We will ease the tax burden on the self-employed, moving towards the equalisation of the Self-Employed Tax Credit with the PAYE Tax Credit.

“Fine Gael have tried to cook the books with their figures and their TDs in Cork City have yet to explain the €2 billion hole in Michael Noonan’s plan. In their desperation to cling to power, they are willing to return us to the boom and bust style economic of Fianna Fáil. This is reckless in the extreme and it would lead to the prolonging of the nightmare scenario currently being experienced by families who depend on accessible and robust public services.

“I have no doubt that ordinary families in Cork City would be far better off under a Sinn Féin led government.”

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