Cork TD wants Irish Water to release compliance figures

22 April 2016
By Tom O’Sullivan


Anti Austerity Alliance TD Mick Barry this morning demanded that Irish Water release information on the level of payment/non-payment for the fourth tranche of water charges bills and questioned whether the release of the information is being held back to facilitate the Fine Gael-Fianna Fail minority government negotiations.

Deputy Barry said that the information on payment/non-payment levels for the third tranche of the 3-monthly bills had been released on Jan 14 and that the release of information on the fourth tranche is now more than a full week overdue,

He said: “It is very possible that the information for payment/nonpayment levels on the fourth tranche of water bills will show a sharp increase in the level of boycott. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the release of such information could place huge pressure on the Fine Gael-Fianna Fail negotiations and in particular on Fianna Fail’s efforts to slide away from the commitments they made to people in the General Election campaign. It is not acceptable for utilities to hold back information in order to assist the machinations of particular political parties and I am demanding that this information be released immediately.”

Deputy Barry concluded by reminding Fianna Fail that they had promised during the General Election campaign to abolish Irish Water and suspend charges for five years and warned that any deal the party signs up to which falls short of this will result in a backlash from the electorate.

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