Anti Austerity Alliance not happy with Cork’s new Fine Gael Lord Mayor

9 June 2016
By Elaine Murphy

Anti-Austerity Alliance Cork City Councillor Fiona Ryan condemns up and coming Lord Mayor Des Cahill’s statement in relation to requiring increases in the Local Property Tax to fund Roads repair.

Cork City Cllr Fiona Ryan (AAA)
Cork City Cllr Fiona Ryan (AAA)

Fiona Ryan says; “Des Cahill is proposing to increase the property tax. Its not good that you have a potential mayor flying in the face of the wishes of the general public. The Anti-Austerity Alliance aren’t just against the increase; we are in favour of the maximum cut of 15%. Councillor Cahill has stated that the reduction of LPT by 10% on behalf of Cork City Council has impacted the council’s ability to fund essential road repairs and all for the cost of 50 cent per week per household.

Let me be clear, the responsibility for the lack of funding for essential services in this City lays solely with the successive austerity policies of previous governments, policies which Fine Gael, the party that Councillor Cahill is a member of, are continuing today.

Central funding to Cork City Council has been cut time and time again since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. We cannot expect a situation to continue with the Council being strapped into a financial straight jacket but the solution isn’t to demand that once again ordinary people must pay more, in an era of rising costs of living, who have been targeted at every corner.

The Anti- Austerity Alliance will oppose any attempt to increase the Local Property Tax and will not be voting in favour Des Cahill from taking the position of Lord Mayor. We will be calling for the maximum cut of 15%, and will continue to demand the complete abolition of the Local Property Tax as a whole.”

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