Cork Anti Austerity Alliance TD comments on 4% rent cap

16 December 2016
By Bryan Smyth

Anti Austerity Alliance TD Mick Barry this morning sharply criticised Fianna Fail’s decision to sign up to the Government’s 4 pc rent cap proposal and stated that Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit would force votes in the Dail today on a series of amendments to the rents legislation.

Deputy Barry said: “All week long Fianna Fáil deputies have been saying that 2pc per annum and 6pc over 3 years is the maximum rent increase permissible but yesterday they flip-flopped and suddenly 4pc per annum or 12pc over the 3 years was OK. After the massive rent hikes of the last few years 12pc is certainly not OK and Fianna Fáil have let tenants down very badly on this score.”

The Fine Gael-Fianna Fáil decision to allow rents rise by a further 12pc over the next 3 years in Dublin and Cork comes in the wake of an average 15 percent rent rise in Cork over the last year and a one billion euro rise in clear profits from rental income for landlords nationally in the period 2010-15.

Meanwhile, AAA/PBP will press amendments today calling for the maximum rent increases in Rent Pressure Zones to be set at 0 pc over the next 3 years, calling for rent pressure zones to be extended well beyond the big cities and insisting that sale of a rented house must be done with tenancy intact and without eviction.

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