SAME SEX MARRIAGE: 1,147 same couples married in Ireland since 2015 law change – Cork Senator welcomes the stats

14 April 2017
By Elaine Murphy

  • Same sex marriages account for almost 5% of all marriages
  • The average age of brides and grooms tying the knot continues to rise reaching 33.8 years for brides and 35.7 years for grooms
  • The average age of males entering same sex marriages was 40.5 years while the average age of female unions was 41.0 years
  • Slightly over a half (56%) of all opposite sex marriages opted for a Roman Catholic ceremony
  • A civil marriage was the ceremony of choice for over a quarter (26%) of opposite sex couples
  • July and August were the most popular months to wed

Fine Gael Cork Senator and Chair of the Fine Gael LGBT Group, Jerry Buttimer, has said that 1,147 same-sex couples have married since the introduction of marriage equality in Ireland.

“It is almost two years since that great day in May when the Irish people voted for marriage equality.

“According to CSO statistics released today, 1,147 same-sex marriages have taken place in the two years since the marriage equality legislation came into effect on the 16th November 2015.

“I am delighted to see so many couples availing of their right to be married. Their marriages are equal to the marriages of their friends and family members, who have had that right for generations.

“Same-sex marriages accounted for almost 5% of all marriages in 2016. There were 91 same-sex marriages in 2015 and 1,056 in 2016. It is good to see that the figure is on the increase and I hope many more gay couples will avail of the opportunity this year.

“Fine Gael will continue to promote a more inclusive, diverse, fair and progressive society. As the first country in the world to vote for marriage equality, Ireland should continue to lead by example. We will promote equal gender treatment in the workplace, recognise the diversity of our communities and assist those with a disability to fully participate in society.”

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