BUSINESS: Gary Matthews Personal Injury Solicitors

21 July 2018
By Elaine Murphy


After qualifying as a Solicitor in Ireland Gary Matthews started Gary Matthews Solicitors in 1998. Gary Matthews Injury Solicitors has its main office in the centre of Dublin and can be reached from Cork. He has an administrative office in Warrenpoint (Northern Ireland) and they deal exclusively in Ireland with Personal Injury claims, which can include Road Traffic accidents, Slips and falls, Trips, Work accidents and Injuries, Accidents abroad and Medical Negligence.

Gary Matthews Solicitors is considered as one of the market leaders in Ireland for Personal Injury and Medical Negligence claims and Gary has instituted in Gary Matthews Solicitors a strong success ethic based on his values of independence and impartiality. All of Gary Matthews Solicitors clients are to be treated exceptionally and Gary is very strong on Customer service and regular communication with his clients. He wants his clients to go through the whole process as stress-free and in a straightforward manner as possible.

All Personal injury claims in Ireland, such as Road Traffic accidents, Slips and falls, Trips, Work accidents and Injuries, Accidents abroad have to be submitted to the Injuries Board (PIAB), for assessment and ordinarily you do not need the help of a Personal Injury Solicitor, such as Gary Matthews Solicitors to do so. However, Gary Matthews can explain to you the very important reasons why you should get his help in submitting your Personal Injury claim to the Injuries board.

It is different for Medical Negligence claims. Medical Negligence claims do not go through the Injuries Board (PIAB) at all in order for you to make a claim. All our Medical professionals, whether they be Surgeons or Doctors or Consultants or GP’s or Nurses or Technicians or Dentists or Home Helps or Nursing home staff etc have what is called a “Duty of Care” to the people that they look after and treat. When there is a breach or negligence in their “Duty of Care” then you may be able to make a Medical Negligence claim for any harm or injury that you might of suffered as a result. Medical Negligence claims are difficult to assess and generally speaking take much longer than Personal Injury claims.

The Law Society of Ireland, who regulate all solicitors in Ireland insist on all solicitors carrying the following statement on all of their advertising material, including websites *”In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement”. This means basically that Solicitors may only charge you a fee based on the work that they do for you and are not allowed to take a percentage of any award to you or a success fee.

The Law Society also do not allow Solicitors to advertise what are known as ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements for their clients. However, most Personal Injury Solicitors do offer ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements to their clients. No Win No Fee agreements mean very simply that you will not pay your Personal Injury Solicitors fees unless they win your Personal Injury claim. If you, unfortunately, you lose your claim you will pay your solicitor nothing, but may be liable to pay the other side’s costs.

Outside work Gary’s main interests are firstly his family and then sport. Most sports are of interest but in particular; GAA, Horse Racing and Dog Racing are followed keenly. He also loves to travel abroad and has a very soft spot for Italy.

For more information, Gary Matthews Solicitors can be found on the internet on and also on his other sites and

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