Babysits – Babysitting apps make finding childcare easier than ever

16 April 2019
By Elaine Murphy

With the steady increase of technology, more and more industries are adapting to the new, virtual competitive landscape. This trend has even made its way into the field of childcare. The trend began to take hold in 2017, however, since then, finding a babysitter or nanny on the internet has skyrocketed in popularity.

One example, Babysits, is a platform and app with increasing popularity in Ireland. It was developed to connect parents looking for child care to a community of babysitters, childminders, and nannies. In this way, the company is revolutionising the way that people approach the field of childcare. The company and other babysitting apps aim to answer the question: “where to find a babysitter”, easily and simply. Parents and prospective babysitters and childcare providers can create accounts, fill out profiles with their experience and job details, and connect with each other in order to organise child care. Essentially, babysitting apps create a social environment which allows parents and babysitters the autonomy to find and connect with people that they may not have been able to otherwise. While babysitting apps and websites began booming in 2017, they’ve only become more sophisticated and user-friendly in the past two years.


How babysitting apps work?
Generally, babysitting apps allow parents to post babysitting jobs and babysitters can respond and apply to these jobs. Babysitters and parents can then contact each other via the platform and app, discuss certifications, experience, and job requirements, and plan appointments directly. This allows parents and babysitters the opportunity to negotiate job responsibilities and payment rates directly.

Specifically, Babysits also offers useful search and filter features, allowing parents and babysitters to find prospective contacts in their area, and filter by the characteristics that are most important to them. Similarly, an intuitive badge and review system helps support verifying the babysitters, as well as providing parents with increased information and references upon which to make their decisions. Parents do often need to make the final decision regarding whether they want to conduct background checks or further certification checks.

What do babysitting apps mean for childcare?
Apps and websites such as Babysits are becoming increasingly popular as a means to find childcare in Cork, Ireland, and around the globe. Specifically, with its offer of flexibility for babysitters and parents, the Babysits has developed a community of 883 active babysitters in the Cork area, and further over 10,000 active babysitters throughout Ireland. Additionally, over 1 million people use platform globally. Clearly, it is not only becoming more simple, but also more common to find a babysitter by using technology.


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