Popularity of Online Casinos in Ireland

22 June 2019
By Roger Jones


The world of online casinos is ever expanding, and one of the countries where it is thriving is Ireland. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock since the Irish are renowned for their love of gambling; with the country’s residents spending a combined total of £14 million per day. The betting population that gamble on online casino games daily makes up 2% of the population of Ireland, while that percentage rises higher for those that bet on sports markets.

The gambling industry is booming in Ireland, and with a wide variety of places to bet at; it makes for a competitive market. Websites such as Roulettepro.com help gamblers find the perfect website for them, especially those with an interest in playing online roulette games and live dealer games. The popularity looks set to continue for the next five years with the evolution of new technology likely to create new opportunities.

History of gambling in Ireland
The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 made gambling at casinos legal but it was the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act 2001 that made gambling at casinos online legal and this allowed Irish players to gamble at international casinos.  However, it wasn’t until 2004 when Irish based bookmakers began to develop their own variety of casino games and betting websites.

When the first online casino launched there would have been a limited selection of games available, however, nowadays the average online casino covers almost every base and offers the same variety of games that a punter can expect to play at the land-based casinos. The use of technology over recent years has allowed for the introduction of live dealers, which adds a new dynamic level to the platform which makes the experience equivalent of what players can expect at the land-based casinos.

Popularity in Ireland
Undoubtedly one of the main reasons that online casinos have been able to flourish is the convenience of the platform. The websites allow Irish players to play all their favourite games without having to leave their home and the introduction of mobile gaming means that they can play poker or blackjack on their morning commute into the city.

And while the popularity of online casinos is at unprecedented levels, it still has some way to go to match the amount of interest as sports betting. Betting on horse racing remains the most popular form of betting within Ireland, but casinos will be hopeful that they can one day buck that trend.

Future of online casinos in Ireland
Following their introduction to the landscape in 2015, Paddy Power Betfair have gone onto become a global brand recording revenue of more than €1.5 billion in their first year. The bookmaker has played its part in taking the popularity of casinos in Ireland to a new stratosphere; mostly because of the introduction of their mobile apps.

Being able to have a casino in your pocket is a reality that the Irish haven’t just embraced but also utilised to its full potential. By 2020, the online gambling industry is expected to bring in more than €7.5 billion to the economy. With so many options available, the future has never been brighter for gambling in Ireland.


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