3 Cork County Casinos You Should Visit This Summer

4 August 2019
By Roger Jones


County Cork is the southernmost county in Ireland and named after the third-largest city. Originally a monastic settlement, it was rather small until 915 AD.

Everything changed when the Vikings attacked, and Cork’s territory was expanded.

In 1185, the city was granted a charter by Prince John, Lord of Ireland. Cork was once fully walled, although only a few remnants of the said wall remains today. The city gained the nickname “The Rebel City” due to its support for the Yorkists in the War of the Roses (that thing Game of Thrones is vaguely based on).

Nowadays, Cork is a thoroughfare of fine arts as a result of several notable art schools, including the Cork School of Music, the Crawford College of Art and Design, and the Institute for Choreography and Dance.

But Cork also features some very modern entertainment houses for you to check out, and, all euphemisms aside, here are three Cork County offline and online casinos you should visit this summer!

Macau Casino Complex

The Macau Casino Complex has a little something for everyone.

The Casino boasts a six-thousand square foot gaming, slots, and restaurant floor, plus a forty-five-hundred square foot poker floor, with regular cash games and tournaments.

Even beginners have a place- Macau offers to teach new players how to play and how to play well. Macau’s table games include Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and various variations of poker.

Even if you’re not interested in gambling, Macau has options for you. You can check out the latest and greatest in sports, dine out at the Mint Restaurant, and participate in special events such as Girls Night, Lads Night, and even Corporate Night with your coworkers.

Macau claims to be for everyone, and it sure does its best to prove it!

The Bank Casino

Located in the heart of Cork City, the Bank Casino offers Poker and Roulette. But mostly Poker.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll find players of similar skill level here, or you can swing big and play against the house. It’s up to you!

You can find daily tournaments here ranging from anything between Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha. The Bank Casino boasts facilities for all types of players, including some of Cork’s and Ireland’s best poker players. There are even cash games every Friday at eleven PM.

If you want to play Poker, any kind of Poker, the Bank Casino has got you covered!

Gold Rush Casino

Gold Rush is both the term for a specific period of westward expansion in the nineteenth century as well as a chain of casinos in Cork. One of these was a delusional and unattainable dream of wealth and fortunes, and the other was the Californian Gold Rush. Hardy hardy har.

In all seriousness, Gold Rush has locations from Dublin to Wexford to Cork as the homepage of their website proudly shows. Their locations have the usual accommodations of Poker and Roulette, and some poker machines available to use on-site, as well as a host of online products including video poker, slots, jackpot games!

If you looking for something convenient for your location, Gold Rush has their motto figured out; location, location, location!

Live a Little!

In short, the very green county of Cork has lots to offer both it’s visitors and regulars alike. There’s lots to love and something for everybody. Whether you are a high swinging pro or an up and coming novice, you will find something that fits your style and needs.

Perhaps the minimalistic nature of the Bank Casino is what you’re after, or maybe the party-energy of Macau- you have got the options laid out for you and who knows? Maybe this summer you might just hit it big!


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